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"I have talked with Lynn periodically over many years and am always so impressed with her advice. She seems to understand both the situation and what to do about it. She is the calm, rational voice we all need from time to time."

-Leanne M

Clarity and Energy

"Lynn is a gifted intuitive. I had a great sense of clarity and energy. I am so grateful to Lynn and would highly recommend having a session with her."

— Anne M.

I’m Rejuvenated and Excited

"I own a pet-sitting and dog grooming business that I started last year. I've been feeling a little discouraged about my lack of clients. Lynn gave me such great marketing advice. She saw the potential in my business AND in me! After her reading I really feel rejuvenated and excited. I can't wait to get started on all her ideas. I never expected such practical information. Lynn, I think you are a spiritual marketing guru! "

— Sharon

Exactly the Advice I Needed

“Lynn was an invaluable resource to me at a crossroads point in my life. She helped illuminate the influences behind the decision, validate why I felt how I felt, and most importantly, help point my way to a plan of action. I was amazed at how quickly Lynn picked up on all the different aspects of the situation. She had a very clear sense of me, the other people involved, the future possibilities, the best choices, and what would be good for me to do next. Her intuitive advice was balanced with a real-world approach that made me easily trust her opinion. Speaking with Lynn has opened the way for me to move forward! She was the “advisor” I had been searching for.”

— P.T.

Lynn is Amazing

“I have worked with Lynn for nearly 18 years. Her insights and intuition are so spot on it is uncanny. Lynn's advice has guided me accurately for years. Whenever I am in transition I go to Lynn because she always been 100% on the money. If you are in need of clarity Lynn can give you direction to make confident, informed decisions.”

— David R.

Opened My Eyes and Eased My Fears

“Lynn was so accurate, kind, and truly helpful! She provided useful advice to help set my life on a positive path. Thank you! :)”

— Julie

I Love Lynn's honesty and sense of humor

"I loved Lynn's honesty, sense of humor and her groundedness. I'm in such gratitude having connected with her."

— Martha T.

Lynn Inspired Me to dream bigger

"I had a session with you a couple months ago. You were incredibly helpful in guiding me about my situation at my current job. You gave me insight about every single person I asked you about. I wanted you to know I'm expecting a promotion this week. The job description is exactly the one you saw for me. You inspired me to take the next steps in my career and to dream bigger. I'm glad I talked to you!"

-Karen M.

I feel hopeful again

"I feel hopeful again after my session with you. I will listen to the recording many times to remember your advice."

-Stephanie A.

kind, funny, thoughtful and spot-on

"I'm always amazed at how quickly Lynn can tune in to complicated issues and personalities. I've been working with her for years. She has always been kind, funny, thoughtful and spot on! "

-Kim R.

spot-on, encouraging and practical

"It was my first session with Lynn. I'd had different type of sessions before, but this session was by far the best! Her reading is spot-on, encouraging and practical. She's also warm, funny and open and I really liked that about her. Before the session I was feeling stuck but now I see my path more clearly and I feel positive and excited! Highly recommend!!"


A New Start

“Lynn provided insightful information about my career, love life and life in general. Within less than a week, the door opened to a career field that Lynn encouraged me to stick with. I am super-excited about this new chapter in my life, and grateful for Lynn's gift of intuition.”

— Anonymous

A Gifted Lady

“Lynn's warm and gracious manner immediately invites confidence and puts the client at ease. Her insights are gently but firmly imparted; I felt very reassured and had some solid pieces of wisdom to confirm my own intuitions, and put into play in a personal dilemma I was facing. Highly recommend!”

— Lucy L.

You will feel uplifted and Lightened

"Lynn's reading gave me a lot of confirmation and clarification for my questions I had. I myself apply my intuition skills for my daily life and work, and I know I do quite well. Although sometimes I feel I need to confirm that my choices are right, before I make an important decisions. Lynn is so quick to focus and answer questions, what I appreciate also is that even you forget to bring out some of questions, she might ask like "Oh so you have a husband (or a wife or anyone anything that you would appreciate information about)" and start telling about it. You intuitively sense what you need to hear and give you clear and correct information. I like also her professional style and at the same time warm friendliness as well. I highly recommend her intuitive reading session which I always enjoy, and I can say that you will never disappoint yourself! You will feel a great uplifting and lightening of your load, and have a sense of "Yes I can do it. Everything will be all right". Lynn, thank you so much. I hope I can see you in person in the near future!"


I feel enthusiastic about what the future holds

"After an intuitive reading with Lynn, I felt energized and excited as opposed to feeling worried and stressed. She provided guidance on the best way to proceed in regards to my career. For the first time (in a long time) I feel enthusiastic about what the future holds!"

— Gabriela R.

Feeling Great Ever Since My Reading

"I don't know how you know what you know! You tuned into people and situations and gave me amazing insights. I've been feeling so great ever since my reading. It's like you gave me permission to do the things I've always wanted to do."


I'm On The Right Career Path

"She not only confirmed for me that I'm on the right career path, but also that I have guides who are willing to help me. Also suggested good questions to ask to my guides."

-Charica R

Give yourself the gift of a session with Lynn

"I would highly recommended Lynn's services. A good friend recommended her to me and I am grateful. Give yourself the gift of a session with Lynn, you will be pleased."

-Katherine Ryan

I'm Already Looking Forward To The Next Reading

"It was my second reading by Lynn and like last time it helped me clarify my values and my next possibilities. I would like to have a session on regular basis and am already looking forward to the next one!"


Articulate, encouraging and compassionate

"Lynn quickly understood my predicament and was able to zone in on what I needed to do to improve the situation. Her insight into the people involved was helpful in clarifying what my next steps had to be. She is articulate, encouraging and compassionate. Highly recommend her!"

-Sandra W