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Meet Lynn Robinson...Author, Speaker, Intuition Expert
Audiences Love Her: Energy • Enthusiasm • Depth • Humor • Style


The ability to access, listen to and (often) act on their intuition is a skill at which women are inherently excellent. It

enables people to make better decisions routinely. It is a COMPETITIVE EDGE

that women possess. Yet few women in business, whether ones with profit and loss, scientific or engineering responsibilities, or owning the business consistently leverage their intuition to BECOME MORE SUCCESSFUL WOMEN BUSINESS LEADERS.


There's nothing like an "aha" moment when the right answer arrives with shining brilliance. Perhaps it came as an image, an emotion, a gut feeling, or that proverbial "still, quiet, inner voice." Lynn Robinson wants to show you how to turn up the volume of that inner wisdom and allow it to guide your life towards more success, satisfaction and fulfillment.


Lynn offers practical ideas, meditations and inspiration to live life with more ease, abundance and fulfillment.

In Lynn's presentation, you'll learn how to...

  • Get "unstuck" from your current limiting beliefs and change your self-talk.
  • Discover the many ways to listen to your "inner consultant."
  • Take the small intuitively guided steps that rocket you towards your dreams and goals.
  • Understand the different ways that men and women receive intuition.
  • Take action when you get that "pit in your stomach," knowing that something's not right.
  • Gain strong and accurate guidance to make important work and personal life decisions.

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Trusting your gut. Using your 6th Sense. Having a hunch. These are all ways of describing your built-in intuition or guidane system. We all have it. In fact, your gut makes more neuro-chemicals than your brain. Some of you may fee you have lost your gut-brain, but there are many ways to get it back. Simply desiring to develop your intuition -or regain it-is a good start. 

-Christiane Northrup, MD, author and women's health expert

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