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Lynn A. Robinson, M.Ed. : Author, Speaker, Media Personality

Leading expert on intuition

For Lynn, intuition is our “Inner GPS.” When we listen to it and act on its wisdom, it will point us in the right direction — towards success! She knows how our intuition can get us what we want and take us where we want to go.

“We really enjoyed Lynn’s presentation. It was a wonderful reprieve from the drier 'stuff’ and the regulatory and legal topics that we typically cover in our meetings. Lynn’s presentation was very well received. We all left with great takeaways. We’re on the road to become more well-rounded HR professionals, learning to develop and trust our intuition.”

— Sue Partridge, Program Chair, Cape Cod Human Resource Association

"I give Lynn Robinson my highest recommendation. Her message has mass appeal and will be appreciated by everyone from top executives to office personnel. The fact that she is a renowned psychic is just icing on the cake."

— Heidi Grinsell, President, ABWA Cape Cod

"Robinson has been retained by companies large and small to help their employees learn to use their intuitive nature.”

— USA Today

“Lynn, you were the hit of the conference.”

— Debby Hoffman, Positive Results Seminars


"Unforgettable evening… We can’t wait to get her back!”

— Christine Garvey, Executive Director, Cornerstone Foundation


“Lynn’s presentation was thoughtful and energizing. She took an esoteric topic like intuition and truly made clear how it can impact our everyday life, and our business interactions as well. She was engaging and humorous and left the audience wanting more. Her words of wisdom were truly transformational.”

— Robert Viamari, Co-Founder, Cape Plymouth Business

“It’s both my pleasure and honor to thank Lynn for presenting How to Listen to Your Inner CEO to our AIM CEO Connection Group for Central MA. Lynn is a fantastic speaker, engaging and passionate about her subject matter.  She offers tremendous insight and her stories and lessons are relevant to every person in any audience.”

-Beth Yohai, Senior Director of Business Development, AIM HR Solutions

Meet Lynn, International Speaker
Audiences Love Her: Energy • Enthusiasm • Depth • Humor • Style

With a Master’s degree in Education and over 25 years of running her highly successful Intuitive Consulting business, she found time to write seven books on the topic of intuition. Her latest book is “Put Your Intuition to Work.” She’s also the author of “Divine Intuition: Your Inner Guide to Purpose, Peace and Prosperity” and “LISTEN: Trusting Your Inner Voice in Times of Crisis".

Lynn’s presentations consistently receive rave reviews. Audiences love her energy, enthusiasm, depth-of-content, and sense of humor. Lynn will show your group how to trust their gut. She demystifies the concept of intuition, and shows us the power of our inner wisdom.

Download Lynn’s Speaker Sheet (below) and choose from any keynote or breakout session topic. Then relax and look forward to an enjoyable and successful event.

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