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  • Which of the following two people would you guess was the more prosperous?

    Person #1: “I hesitate to try anything new because a problem might arise and just cause more trouble in my life. I don’t like change. It’s hard for me to trust others because they might take advantage of any new ideas I have. I feel resentful of people who have more money than I have. Life isn’t fair. I don’t know why things seem to work out for everyone else but they don’t for me. I guess I was just born unlucky.”

    Person #2: “I take appropriate risks. I feel confident in my ability to create new and wonderful things in my life. People generally like and trust me and I like and trust others. I know that I build my self-esteem each time I take a small or large step toward my goals — and I succeed. I appreciate life and all that I have.”

    The answer is pretty obvious. You immediately want to vote Person #2. You have a feeling that you could probably trust him to manage your investments or to handle a special project at work. You might even like to have him over for dinner to discuss business opportunities. This man draws money to him because he feels worthy of it and he respects himself enough to be cautious with it.

    People who are happy and prosperous tend to envision success. They have a positive expectation of success, and their thoughts and actions are consistent with the anticipation of prosperity and abundance. They play out their dreams and ambitions in their minds, listen to their intuition and take action on its wisdom. You might think of them as merely lucky. However, it's as if prosperity and success seek them out. They magnetize what they want to create through the power of their mind and emotion.

    If you can stretch your imagination a bit further, consider that there is an “abundance energy” that permeates the very air around us. Do you think our Person #1 is going to be very attractive to this abundance? My guess is that even if he did manage to draw some money his way, it would soon disappear. Conversely, if our Person #2 begins to attract abundance, you have no doubt that he will respect it, treat it wisely and invest it well.

    What about you? When you think about the topic of prosperity and living a rich life, what do your thoughts dwell on?

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