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Looking for a New Direction? Ask Your Intuition!

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Something almost magical begins to occur when you make a major decision. A powerful energy is released from you into the Universe. You bring together your belief in your self, your goals, your intuitions, your hopes and dreams into one big cosmic intention. It’s as if you’ve said to the Universe, “This is what I want in my life. Help me make it happen!”


You CAN Get There From Here
The Universe has a remarkable way of helping you achieve whatever your thoughts and intentions are focused upon. Think of it as an invisible source of power, wisdom and knowledge that is readily available to help you create your heart’s desire.


I am an impatient person. I don’t like that I am, and I try to work on this aspect of myself constantly. I remind myself to slow down, to enjoy my life in the moment and to experience gratefulness for all that I have. I have to confess that I don’t always succeed. For example, my previous book, Divine Intuition: Your Guide to a Life You Love, had been in the bookstores only two weeks when I asked my assistant, “Why isn’t it a bestseller yet!?” (I was only half kidding.)


I know I’m not alone in this experience of restlessness. I hear it from my intuitive reading clients all the time. “I’ve tried affirmations, visualizations and listening to my intuition. It doesn’t work! Why don’t I have what I want yet?” You may wonder if you’re doing something wrong, but despite what many self-help books imply, most of us don’t sail effortlessly from one successful achievement to another.


A Divine Intelligence is at Work in Your Life
The Universe knows exactly what you need in order to grow into the next experience you want to create. Susan Jeffers writes in End the Struggle and Dance With Life, “When we are spiritually evolving, we are in a better place to handle whatever life hands us.” She adds, “We all want quick and easy, but when it comes to becoming a spiritual being, speed doesn’t work.”


I’ve had many experiences in my life that felt like failures. At the time it was hard to imagine I was anywhere near to achieving the goals I so desperately wanted. Yet, when I look back at those situations I can see that the Universe had arranged those detours to help me grow into my vision.


You Are Being Prepared for a Life Change
While it may have appeared to me that nothing was happening, the changes that were taking place in my emotions, thoughts and spiritual growth were profound. It’s as if Divine Intelligence knew exactly what I needed to overcome the limiting beliefs I held about myself and the world.


You may think your goal is to get that promotion, to find your life partner or to write a best-selling book. However, the Universe uses your desires to help you learn about love, forgiveness, kindness, community, wisdom and patience along the way. Trust and faith are the qualities to focus on while the forces of Universal wisdom do their work.


Visualization + Intuition + Action = Success
Ask yourself, “What would be the most perfect outcome to this situation” or more simply, “What do I want?”


Write a paragraph or so about what you want. Don’t try to figure out how you’re going to get it. That’s for your intuition to work out.


Close your eyes. Briefly bring to mind the situation that’s causing your frustration.


Now bring to mind the outcome that you want. Spend a few moments visualizing this perfect outcome. What feeling would you be experiencing if you got what you want? As you visualize this image, feel those emotions. Add some words to your imagery. Use whatever works for you. “This is great.” “I feel terrific!” Imagine your friends and family celebrating with you. Do whatever you can to make this image real and vivid.


Ask your intuition, “Is there anything I could do right now that would make this happen?” Await a response. Open your eyes when you feel ready. Jot down any ideas, thoughts and impressions you may have had.


Don’t take action simply on what you think makes sense. Act only on impulses that feel like fun, make you excited, or seem enjoyable to you. Your intuition will begin to bring together the circumstances and synchronicities to create your goal.


We’re all born with the gift of intuition. It’s an inner compass that resides within each of us. Listen to it and honor it. It will always lead you in the direction of success.

Lynn A. Robinson, M.Ed., is a leading expert on the topic of intuition. Through her work as an Intuitive Advisor, she’s helped thousands of people discover their life passion and achieve their goals. Voted “Best Intuitive” by Boston Magazine, she’s also a bestselling author whose latest book is Put Your Intuition to Work.

She’s also the author of  Divine Intuition: Your Inner Guide to Purpose, Peace and Prosperity and LISTEN: Trusting Your Inner Voice in Times of Crisis. To learn more about her books and intuitive readings, visit 

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