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Keep Your Focus on Joy

Here is a universal truth:

What You Focus on Expands.

If you’re truly honest with yourself:

What have you been focusing on?

I’d be willing to bet that your attention hasn’t been on gratitude, appreciation and joy.

You may not see the immediate connection between your lousy job, your lack of energy, lack of joy, your irritation with your spouse and what goes on in your mind.

But I assure you it does exist and you may have to take it on faith for now.

Begin to focus on what makes you feel joy.  Take time to tune into your inner voice, be still and listen.

Here are some great questions:

 “What makes me feel joy-filled?”
“What do I have in my life that I feel good about?”
“What do I like about me?”
“What do I like about my family, my work, my home?”

You’ll know you’ve got it when you begin to feel that buzz of excitement, or a deep sense of calm and inner peace.

 Beginning to pay attention to your “joy feelings” is a first step towards creating a life you love.

Remember: what you focus on expands…

This week may you expand your joy, health, love, prosperity and bring all sorts of new and good things into your life!  Tell me, what makes you joy-filled?