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Exhausted? How to Reclaim Your Energy

HappyGirlMy client Marsha dragged herself into my office and began a litany of complaints. She told me about people who took too much of her energy, her boss who was extremely demanding, and her endless volunteer activities that were no longer fun. I have to confess that by the end of fifteen minutes I began to feel exhausted myself. I stopped Marsha at that point. I spoke to her about my belief that when you’re consistently tired, drained, bored or anxious, these are clues from your intuition that something needs to be changed.

When a client has a consultation with me, I often view their energy level. I sense through my inner guidance whether they are in or out of the Divine flow of life force. When you do things that give you energy — taking care of yourself, having fun, doing work you love — the Divine current of life courses through you and around you and you feel up and motivated. When you do things that drain you — experiencing constant feelings of worry, bitterness, anger or resentment — you pinch yourself off from the flow. This results in low energy and exhaustion.

When you’re feeling stuck in a rut or simply finding yourself more tired than usual, get in the habit of asking your intuition questions such as, “What do I want?” “What’s the best possible outcome?” “What would make me feel better right now?” and “What steps could I take to bring about the situation I want?” The best plan is one that you have some control over. Steer clear of answers that involve forcing someone else to do it your way. Divine intuition always presents options that are a win-win solution for all involved.

Marcia and I talked about what was draining her energy and also her “best possible outcomes” and I sent her home with the following exercise that I’d like to share with you.

Intuition Exercise: Re-energize!

Energy drain: Write several paragraphs in your journal describing what you’re upset about. Who or what is taking your energy?

What do you want?: Think about what would feel great in this situation. What provides you with a sense of relief when you think about it. That’s a clue from your intuition about the outcome you need to move towards. Describe it.

Consult your inner guidance: Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Imagine being filled and surrounded by a feeling of love. Ask for Divine guidance to assist you. (Pause) Ask the question — “What can I do to change this situation to a more positive one?” (Or your own question) Continue to remain open and expansive. Allow the information to come to you. A thought may pop into your mind. You might have a sudden shift in perception or you might see the problem from another perspective. (Pause) Stay in this altered consciousness until you feel ready to end. (Pause) Open your eyes and write your answers.

Results: You may not receive the information immediately. Be willing to sit with the question for the rest of the day. The answer from your intuition may come to you when you least expect it. If you did receive an answer, write it down.

Action steps: What steps are indicated? Do you need to clarify something with someone? Speak your truth? Let go of something or someone? See a situation from a different perspective? Or simply be willing to wait something out? You may also receive an answer that indicates you need to do more things that are fun and enjoyable. What steps are you willing to take?

Write down at least one thing that you could do today or this week to give you a reprieve from the stress. If you sigh with relief when you think about having completed this task, that’s your intuition saying, “Yes!” Now go do it!