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How to Listen to Your Inner CEO - Cape Cod Human Resources Association

  • Date: 3/23/2017
  • Time:
  • Location: The Holiday Inn, 1127 Iyannough Road, Hyannis, MA  02601

The CCHRA is the premier human resource association on Cape Cod providing information and education connecting HR professionals, businesses and the working community.



Power of the Soul Event (SOLD OUT)

10/29/2016 - DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Boston, Andover, MA

  • Time: 10am - 4pm (Door open at 9am)
  • Age restrictions: All Ages

This rare one-day workshop with Psychic Medium: John Holland and Intuitive Advisor: Lynn Robinson, will provide insights into, as well as a deeper understanding of, the unique relationship between your intuition and your soul.

You will walk away from this stimulating day feeling revitalized, energized and raring to put some of your new-found skills and ideas into practice in all areas of your personal and business life.

How to Put Your Intuition to Work at CONSCIENCIA 2016

10/1/2016 - Puebla, Mexico

Transforming the World by Transforming Your Life CONSCIENCIA Conference 2016. Details soon at

You have an unwavering and reliable guidance system that provides clear and accurate direction via your inner voice. Helping you hear and interpret its callings is Lynn’s mission and in this engaging talk she’ll demystify the concept of intuition, show you the wisdom of your inner guidance, teach you how to read the intuitive signs as they appear, and help you effectively interpret the various forms of information you receive, including feelings, symbols, words, dreams and physical sensations.

Put Your Intuition to Work

9/21/2016 - 8am - 9:30am EDT

AWE Connects (Advancing Women's Excellence)

Crown Plaza, Providence-Warwick
801 Greenwich Avenue, Warwick, RI 02886

Listen to your “inner consultant.” Intuition has become increasingly important to decision makers who are faced with the challenge of conflicting or inconclusive information. Everyone knows how it feels to realize they should have listened to an instinct.  Lynn Robinson, author and leading expert on intuition, shares techniques and ideas to help you learn to access and use the power of inner wisdom. In her presentation, Put Your Intuition to Work, she reveals strategies to supercharge your inner wisdom to think fast, successfully navigate choices and make great decisions.


Through this fascinating weekly show "Spirit Connections", John's goals are to:

  • Push the limits of your consciousness
  • Explore your own inner guidance
  • Provide confirmation that we are all more than just physical beings; that we're spiritual beings with unlimited potential.

John provides listeners with a gateway to the Other-Side as he opens the Spirit Connection. So, tune in each week for this unique call-in show, as John answers your questions, connects you to your loved ones, and introduces you to his special guests who will likewise open your mind, body, and spirit to the new frontier of spiritual understanding.


Prosperity Quest chronicles adventures in celebrating and increasing overall prosperity as well as that of the local community, and the world beyond.


07/14/16 at 11:30 am ET

One of the reasons that she has earned legions of loyal fans is this: When you listen to The Frankie Boyer show, you just never know what is going to happen next! Frankie enthusiastically brings an amazingly eclectic mix to the airwaves.

Right from the opening bars of her theme song through to the very end of her program, listeners remain riveted to each segment of her intelligent and insightful show. She is also fearless, willing to tackle topics that are current and controversial, timely and important … no holds barred. Her interviews include celebrities such as Ed Asner, Susan Somers, Dr. Oz, Deepak Chopra, as well as music legends, Best selling authors, religious leaders, Business innovators, survivors of medical miracles, sports figures, and lots more. Frankie is ALWAYS energetic, fresh, timely and current. The “slice of life” nature of her guests run the gamut of human nature, with compelling stories and valuable information every step of the way.


06/06/16 on BlogTalk Radio

Divine Intuition: Inner Guide to Purpose, Peace & Prosperity

You know “Universal wisdom” is available; but how do you connect with this inner Guide? Calling Intuition “a gift from the Universe,” bestselling author Lynn Robinson discusses everyone’s ability to cultivate intuition as an unwavering and reliable source of wisdom and guidance that you can use every day.

Locate and Cultivate Your Own Inner Wisdom! Listen now to stories of people who did just that along with secrets about how you can trust your own intuition.

How to Develop Your Intuition Seminar – Tokyo

How to Develop Your Intuition Seminar – Tokyo

03/10/16 - 03/20/16 Tokyo, Japan

  • Time: 2:00pm
  • Age restrictions: All Ages

Join Lynn as she presents a one-day workshop on “How to Listen to Your Inner Wisdom.” Accurate intuition enables you to gain vital and valuable insight into yourself, your children, friends, business associates, and the world around you. Even more important, it provides you with guidance so that you can recognize and nurture the thoughts and actions that will produce your hopes and dreams. Intuition is a wise "inner coach" and is a resource for participants to: Tap into their passion as a source of guidance and make successful decisions when they don't have all the facts.


American Business Women’s Association ABWA on Cape Cod

03/08/16 Hyannis, MA

Trust your Gut and Grow Your Business

  • Location: DoubleTree Hotel United States
  • Time: 5:30pm.
  • Age restrictions: All Ages.
  • Address: 287 Iyannough Road

You make logical decisions every day. You’re probably comfortable using the left side of your brain, the one that values facts, proof, reason and evidence. But what about those times when you don’t know the answer? Learn the secret of successful business people who use their secret weapon to make the right decision AND having their dreams come true. Lynn Robinson is one of the leading experts — and best speakers — on the hot topic of intuition.