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Intuition Videos

Insightful Guidance for Business & Life

  We all have an inborn guidance system that provides clear and accurate direction to create a successful and happy life.  However, there are times when we need the “extra” insight from a gifted Intuitive to help us on our path.   SCHEDULE YOUR SESSION TODAY!  

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Are You Feeling Fearful and Anxious?

Check out my video, “4 Tips for Managing Fear,” on my website at What are your helpful strategies when you experience anxiety? I’d love to read your tips.  

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The Prosperity Prayer: Guided Meditation

The Prosperity Prayer: Guided Meditation New Meditation based on the popular “Prosperity Prayer” Purchase the Prosperity Prayer: Guided Meditation mp3 now and take it with you wherever you go! A Personal Consultation with Lynn will help you… See things from a fresh perspective and create options you might not have realized were there. The sessions…

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Divine Intuition Techniques, Part 2

Intuition Exercise #2 — Learn what you can do TODAY to start listening to your intuition. Lynn A. Robinson discusses the three steps a day that everyone can take starting now.

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Divine Intuition Techniques, Part 1

Author and intuitive consultant Lynn A. Robinson shares a few techniques for accessing your intuition from her latest book, Divine Intuition: An Inner Guide to Purpose, Peace and Prosperity, Revised and Updated.

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Listening To Guidance: Guided Meditation

When you experience yourself in stillness, you will intuit a new way of using your mind. You will be taught – from within the stillness – how to receive moment-to-moment inner guidance during the day from the Infinite Mind, and you will be given individually pertinent spiritual teachings.

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