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The Key to a Joy-Filled New Year

In all my years of doing intuitive readings I’ve observed that the people who enjoy the greatest happiness are not necessarily the wealthiest or the most famous. Those who sparkle with joy are most often ordinary people who have not lost their sense of wonder. They find a gift in each moment of living. They enjoy…

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Find Your Own Unique Path

It’s so tempting to do what OTHERS do to be successful. I spent a good part of my twenties and thirties trying to be something other people wanted me to be. I had a good paying job, a nice apartment near the city and many of the trappings of success. Unfortunately, I was miserable. I…

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Want to Create More Prosperity? Try These Ideas!

I learned about affirmations during the time I was really broke. Affirmations are one of the primary ways that we can begin to control the shaping of our thoughts and attitudes in order to create change in our lives. When we affirm what we want, we make a strong, positive statement of something we wish…

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Feeling Broke? How to Attract More Money

you want the Universe to say “Yes” to the following: “I am worthy of abundance. I am somebody. I am worthy of a comfortable home, food on the table, and clothes for my family. I am open to all sources of abundance. I appreciate the wealth that comes to me through doing work I love. I have more than enough to meet my needs. I have financial security now and in the future.” Amen.

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Divine Prosperity

Knowing how to create a prosperous life doesn’t imply that everything you wish for is instantly manifested. There is a duality of existence that is a bit tricky to master at first.

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Prosperity Prayer

The “Prosperity Prayer” began circulating around the world via the Internet in 2001. Since then, many have reported they’ve found new work, received unexpected sources of money, and experienced a renewed faith as the result of making the “Prosperity Prayer” a part of their lives.

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