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What if I’m not getting an answer?

I’ve been following you and studying your material for a few years now, and I always enjoy it. But I have to admit that I can’t come up with a concrete example of when I actually used it.

I know about the practice of asking a question and then letting the question be, giving time for the answer to come. But so often I feel I don’t get a response! Or at least, not one that I can recognize or interpret. For example, I have been introduced to a very interesting business opportunity. I can see that it has potential, but I often have trouble evaluating people. And I know that it is the quality of the people involved that will make or break this. I have, in the past, worked with people who turned out to be very bad choices, and yet I was pleased with the initial contact.

I think that I just don’t trust myself to really take in what information comes to me. I am a scientist who lives in a world of data. I know the intuition is there. How do I come to trust it?

Dear Marilyn

Hi Marilyn –

Thanks for asking this question. I think you are writing for many people who have the same concern! We all receive intuitive information. Like any skill, the more you practice it, the more you’ll improve. As you continue to develop this talent you’ll find you rely on it more and more. The process will no longer feel laborious. It will simply be a matter of checking in with it. “What’s my gut say?” and the answer appears. You’ll recognize those inner nudges pointing you in the direction of success and away from bad decisions.

I can understand your frustration with not being able to determine whether you’re accurately recognizing your intuitive messages. Practice opens up the information flow of intuitive insights. You’ll begin to find that answers come unbidden, popping into your mind, offering up creative solutions, steering you toward prosperity, toward strong leadership and profitable connections with others, and overall, toward a happier outlook. And there’s a big bonus: You won’t be bogged down in hours of analysis and research anymore.

One of my business clients said to me, “I use my intuition to come up with the right answer and then use my logic and research skills to prove what I already knew.”

How Has Your Intuition Communicated?

I’d like you to think back on your past week. Describe an occasion when you had a hunch about something, preferably something small. There are many ways to receive the intuitive insight. You may need to become more familiar with how YOUR intuitive wisdom comes to you. How did you receive the information? Did it come as a flash of insight? A gut feeling or other physical sensation? An inner knowing? Perhaps you had a dream or heard an inner voice.

  • Did you follow this hunch or cast it aside?
  • Did your intuition prove to be accurate?

As you begin to pay attention to the many ways you receive intuition you’ll be rewarded with an increasing flow of accurate and reliable insight.

You mentioned that you want to use your intuition to make better decisions about other people. I’d like to offer you one more technique…

Be Clear About Your Intention

Whether you’re trying to decide on a new hire or who to trust for a business partnership, your intuition can guide you.

What’s your ideal outcome?

Example: My perfect candidate for my new business venture will be:

  • A great team leader
  • An exemplary communicator
  • Detail oriented
  • Comfortable with diversity

Ask your intuition

Gather the list of resumes or candidate names you’re considering for this position. Shut the door to your office and hold your calls. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and center yourself. “Who is the right person to hire?”

Intuition answers by one or all of the following:

  • The name of the ideal hire leaps to mind.
  • You have a strong positive feeling about one of the applicants
  • You have a physical sensation such as a rush of energy that indicates a positive response.
  • You simply “know” the answer.

Marilyn, I feel that you have a really healthy intuitive system. Begin to practice with some small, low-risk decisions. I’m certain you’ll come to trust your intuition for all of life’s choices, large and small!