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Starting out as an intuitive

Five years ago, I read for people while I was studying education in university. I am a kindergarten teacher and feel called to restart my side business reading tarot again. I feel strongly that I should be taking spiritual classes and getting certified online. I see images, feel things, and hear my spirit guide while I read people. I had this gift since I was a kid. I brushed it aside until I was 6 years ago. I began meditating and focused on re-opening my clairaudient channel. So, it did. Wide open. My question is: How do I begin a small intuitive business on the side while I am teaching? Should I branch out and take more spiritual classes online?

Thanks so much.

Dear Trisha

I have so many clients and folks reading this newsletter who are interested in being self-employed and sharing their gifts and talents with the world. So, thanks for asking this question! I’m going to expand my answer to help anyone reading this who is interested in using their intuition to begin or grow their own business. Hopefully you’ll find all the points relevant to your specific question.

Your Intuitive Business Plan

One of my very favorite business growth techniques is something I still do every day. I call it my “Three-Step Action Plan.” I even created a video about it! .

Here are the instructions:

1) Begin to think about what you want this business to look like.

Examples —

  • How many clients do you want every week?
  • What would you like your office to look like?
  • What would happy clients be saying to you about your services or product?
  • How much money is in your bank account?
  • What does an ideal month or year look and feel like in your new business?
  • What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I personally find it best to write the answers in a journal or to create a vision board with images and words from magazines, or to draw (paint, sketch) the ideas. I believe this taps our intuitive right-brain more than if we’re using the computer and keyboard.

2) Once you have your ideal vision of business success, sit down to meditate.

I like doing this in the morning as a great way to start my day. I spend about ten to twenty minutes slowing down and quieting my mind. Once I feel that I’m in a centered place, I begin to visualize the success of my life and business. For me, it’s more a feeling, than a visualized image. You may experience it differently. I simply use my imagination to see and feel my life unfolding in ways that are fun, easy and happy.

Now here’s the powerful part of the technique…

3) When you feel ready, take a slow, deep breath and put your hand over your heart. This helps to get you out of your logical, rational mind and into your intuitive one. Ask the question, “What three things can I do today to move me in the direction of my dreams?” Pay attention to what comes to your heart and mind that feels exciting, energizing or curiousity-arousing. Those are clues from your intuition about your right next steps!

Take Action!

This is where a lot of us get stuck. Often these intuitive answers seem illogical. Do them anyway! You may be guided to develop a skill, to meet a person who will help your business, or to be in the right place at the right time.

Trisha, in your question to me you wrote, “I feel strongly that I should be taking spiritual classes and getting certified online.” That would be an example of a good next step. If you feel strongly about something, do it!

This may be a good place to remind you that taking action can feel anxiety producing. Intuition will suggest things to you that move you out of your comfort zone. If it feels too scary, I suggest you take a baby step in the direction your intuition indicates, rather than no step at all!

Take Time for Rest and Day Dreams!

If you listen to more traditional experts on how to grow your business, you’d be out there every day working long, exhausting hours. Yes, hard work is needed, but I’d like to suggest another way. It’s also important to take time to rest, dream, pay attention to your day dreams and recover your energy. Those are the times when intuitive flashes of insight can occur that can move your business forward at lightning speed, effortlessly and with surprising ease.

Best of luck to ALL of you who are growing your businesses. We need more of you in the world. I love giving readings to folks who are doing this! Send me an email!