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Sometimes We Go Through Tough Times

Dear Lynn,

I know that you’ve mentioned Law of Attraction in your Intuition Newsletter several times. I wonder if you think it always works? I’ve been visualizing and doing affirmations for several months and so far, I’m not seeing the results I’d hoped for. In fact, instead of the promotion I was imagining, I got laid off!

Dear Joan

Dear Joan –

Such a good question! It’s one that I’m sure a lot of people have asked themselves. I thought about all the ways I could respond to you. There were a lot of ways to go with this!

As a place to begin, I’ve had the same experience as you. Many times in fact! I was zealously visualizing, saying prayers, creating vision boards, etc. And…voila! The OPPOSITE of what I wanted appeared to be manifested. Please note the italics. I wrote it that way because sometimes something in our lives needs to change before what we want can occur.

I asked my intuition about what might be going on with you. Here’s the answer I received.

“Joan was and is putting out a request to the Universe for work that matches her skills, interests, purpose and strengths. The promotion that she had in mind was actually too small for her intentions. It was a seemingly safe and secure job, but she has also been asking for help in developing courage and taking risks. Those things weren’t to be found in the promotion she was imagining.

“She’s been saying to herself, ‘This doesn’t work! What am I doing wrong?’ She needs to remember that the Universe delivers manifestations in the form of intuition, ‘aha moments,’ synchronicity and coincidences. She’s been getting many ideas for new work. She’s also been developing more courage and self-confidence by reaching out to others, defining more of what she wants, and asking for help. These are all life lessons for her.

“Tell her to keep taking small steps. The Universe is totally supporting each move forward. A new job similar to the one she visualized will be coming soon.”

There’s also a sub-text to your question I’d like to address. There’s a common assumption in the current personal growth literature that if we just do the right things, i.e. meditate, pray, do yoga, laugh, visualize, (fill in the blank) life will always work out as we want.

We ALL go through tough times.

Like you, it may be a layoff. For others it might be a divorce, an injury, illness, financial worries. You name it! The best question to ask yourself in these situations isn’t “What did I do wrong?” Or, “Why did this happen to me?!” It’s “What am I learning in this situation?”

When I’ve had occasion to ask my clients and Facebook page followers that question, the answers were enlightening. To me, they sum up many of the spiritual qualities I feel that we’re here to learn.

“Through my difficult time, I learned…”

  • Courage
  • Compassion for myself and others
  • Perseverance
  • Patience
  • Love
  • To trust the wisdom and timing of God
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Gratitude
  • Peace in my heart
  • Strength
  • Wisdom
  • Connection and community
  • Empowerment
  • Understanding
  • Service

The list goes on, but I think you can see the theme. My heartfelt wish for you is that you can accept these seeming setbacks and to trust that the change is taking you to a better place than you imagined. May you trust the process.