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Let the Universe Help

Dear Lynn:

I’ve had so many things I’ve wanted to accomplish in my life. I’ve succeeded with some, but with others I just end up feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. I’m discouraged. I try to listen to my intuition. Am I doing something wrong?

— Amy R.

Dear Amy R.

One of the biggest challenges facing many of my clients is that they talk themselves out of their hopes and dreams before they even begin. They do this because they can’t figure out how to get to where they want to go.

I’d like to propose a radical alternative. I don’t want you to try to figure out how to reach your goal. Let the Universe help you.

Here’s what my guides have explained to me when I’ve felt this way: When you hold a strong desire or goal you send out a vibrational energy that the Universe wants to match. In other words, it wants to help you meet your goal. Your job is to be clear what you want, keep your focus off what you don’t want, take small steps each day based on what you feel excited about. That excitement is your intuition communicating with you. I also want you to visualize, affirm, feel and imagine your successful outcome.

The Universe knows how to make your dream happen. Think of the Universe as a kind of Divine Intelligence that has the necessary skills to bring together the exact set of circumstances to make your goals a reality. All the logic and intelligence you can muster may not be able to pave the way for you to reach this ultimate goal of yours as easily as the Universe can. Let Divine Intelligence do its job and orchestrate all the synchronicities, coincidences and circumstances that need to occur for you to create a life you love.

In my book, Divine Intuition, I told the story of how my psychic reading business began. Here’s the abbreviated version:

I was the Operations Manager of a small software company. I hated being there and dreamed of developing my own business. I had taken classes on developing psychic abilities and found I had a great deal of natural talent in this area. My main concern was “How do I develop a psychic reading business?!” I quipped that if God posted a “Psychic Reader Wanted” ad in the Boston Sunday Globe employment section, I’d apply. Barring that, I wasn’t sure where to begin. I decided to practice my new-found consciousness tools of affirming, visualizing and asking the Universe for help.

About a month into this manifesting process, a friend, who had been sick for a long time, died. As I walked into the room for his funeral service I felt a strong intuitive inclination to sit next to a woman I hadn’t met before. I briefly questioned my reasons for sitting there as there were quite a few people in the room that I both knew and preferred to sit next to for emotional support.

At the end of the service the woman and I started talking and she asked me what I did for a living. Have you ever had one of those times when your brain doesn’t engage with your mouth? Despite the fact that in my current job I was an Operations Manager, I answered, “I’m a psychic.” I was immediately stricken with alarm. “Why had I answered this way?” “What would she think?!” I did readings for a few friends and friends of friends. But I never defined my career that way! I felt flustered by my answer. To my surprise she was quite open and receptive. She then told me that she was a writer for the “Boston Globe” and would love to have a reading so she could write about it in her column.

To make a long story short — she wrote the article and I had about 400 people call me to schedule an appointment over the next several months. Here is the moral of the story from my perspective. The Universe had managed to create a full-time psychic reading business virtually overnight. There was no way that I could have created that if I had taken a step-by-step logical approach. Over the past twenty-five years I have seen this process occur over and over again in my life and the lives of my clients. I believe there is a Divine Intelligence that works with each and every one of us to help us create a life we love. Following are the steps you can take to assist the Universe.

Intuition Exercise: I’m going to ask you to try some things on pure faith. Try to put aside your natural inclination to make logical sense of this process or to feel discouraged. Here are the concepts:

There is a Divine Intelligence that wants you to succeed. It wants you to be happy about your life and living. It wants you to do the thing or things you’re passionate about. That’s part of your mission here on Earth. It doesn’t matter what that mission is, whether it’s being a good mother or father, a great dancer, a whiz at accounting, an awe-inspiring athlete or a profound philosopher. This Intelligence wants you to succeed and will do whatever it can to assist you.

Spend time each day to visualize and affirm your goal. In this way you add power to the vibrational energy that will attract your goal. Your feelings and emotions are an important part of this process. What does it feel like to have your goal? Use the power of emotions as you visualize.

You will need to work diligently at keeping your focus off what you don’t want and maintain the focus on your goal. Learn to re-direct your thoughts. When you notice yourself dwelling on pessimistic or negative thoughts, shift your focus to what you do want.

Each day take at least one step toward what you’re excited about. This might mean taking a class, going to an informational interview, joining a club or association, writing an article, making a call, sending an e-mail. Your excitement is a message from your intuition about the next step to take. Whatever it is, do it!

Your goal should be to enjoy this process. Learn to be grateful for all that you’ve created. As you move towards your desired outcome, you’ll find new objectives emerging. That’s fine and as it should be. Remember to have fun!

Bonus: Your Intuition Journal

Each morning this week answer these questions:

  • What do I want to do today that feels enjoyable and will move me toward my goal?
  • What new ideas about my goal have popped into my mind since yesterday?
  • What action steps am I willing to take today?
  • What thoughts or ideas came to me after my practicing affirmations and visualizations?