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The Key to a Joy-Filled New Year

In all mbe-gratefuly years of doing intuitive readings I’ve observed that the people who enjoy the greatest happiness are not necessarily the wealthiest or the most famous. Those who sparkle with joy are most often ordinary people who have not lost their sense of wonder. They find a gift in each moment of living. They enjoy a few moments of pleasantries with their neighbor, marvel at the dew glistening on a flower petal, and take delight in a child’s giggles. They find a gift in each moment of their life.

I think one of the biggest misconceptions most of us have is that something has to change in order for us to be happy. Don’t get me wrong. I find it much easier to be happy when I have enough money, good health, great friends, and meaningful work.

It’s truly a paradox of life that when you’re happy, you begin to draw to yourself what you need in order to be happy. Joy is that extraordinary happiness that is independent of what is going on in our lives. You might think that more money and more material possessions make you happier. You’d be wrong. Researchers have discovered that once our basic needs are met, our happiness and quality of life depend most significantly on the quality of our personal relationships: with ourselves, our partner, family, friends, and community.

What Makes YOU Joyful?
The root of joy is The Key to a Joy-Filled New Year. You might notice that truly joyful people are grateful. I believe that their joy springs from gratefulness, not from their life circumstances. A person who has all the good luck in the world but takes it for granted doesn’t gain much joy from that good fortune. Ultimately we hold the key to a joy-filled and happy life within ourselves. It’s a heart focused on gratitude that makes us joyful.

Keep a Joy Journal
This is such a great time of year to look at not only where you’ve been but also where you want to go.

Here are some ideas to get your journal started:
• Think over the past year. What brought you the most joy?
• What are some activities you enjoy by yourself or with others?
• When you’re sad or depressed, what activities or thoughts make you feel better?
• What steps could you take in order to bring these activities into your life on a regular basis?

What you love to do, what you feel joyful and passionate about, is a sign from your higher self of what you’re meant to do. The poet Rumi wrote, “Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” I couldn’t have said it better myself!

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